Tue. Oct 19th, 2021

As part of Graph API v8.0, Facebook has made changes to the token requirements. These changes will impact the social avatar this plugin integrates at your website after your website visitors login via Facebook login. These changes will take effect on October 23, 2020 @ 10AM PDT. More details here
Latest version of Heateor Login plugin ensures compatibility with these changes. If you don’t update the plugin to this version, after October 23, 2020 social avatar of the users of your website who used Facebook login to login to your website may appear broken.
After you update the plugin to this version, your website users (whose profile picture at your website is saved from their Facebook accounts) need to login at least once via Facebook login at your website to continue showing their Facebook avatar.

We have updated the official Facebook PHP SDK being used in the plugin to the latest version available.

Now there is a new column in the Users table that allows administrators of the website to delete the social profile data being saved when website visitors use Facebook login. This feature could be handy when any user of your website wishes to revoke the consent to save their personal data they granted at the time they used Facebook login to login to your website.

Since WordPress 5.5 the (?) icon right next to the options at the plugin configuration page had disappeared. This has been fixed in this version.

By Rajat Varlani

Rajat manages pretty much everything at Heateor. He can be found working out or playing video games if not working.