Twitter Showing Rate Limit Exceeded Message

Since the last couple days, the social media giant owned by Elon Musk is prompting its users “Rate limit exceeded” or “Cannot retrieve Tweets at this time”. Apparently, Twitter has temporarily limited the number of tweets a person can view per day. This limit is different for paid and free users. This is done to prevent the programs that scrap the tweets to extract useful data. AI bots like ChatGPT rely on data, mostly scraped from the internet. It’s not clear how long the limit will last.

Verified accounts are limited to viewing 10,000 tweets per day and unverified accounts are limited to viewing 1,000 tweets per day. New unverified users joining Twitter after this announcement will be limited to viewing 500 tweets per day. In addition to this, the tweets cannot be viewed without logging into the Twitter.
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We are not sure how the audio conversation platform spaces will be affected by these changes. However, following this announcement many users began sharing the screenshots showing the message “rate limit exceeded” preventing them from seeing the tweets.

Users get to know about this limit imposition on Saturday 8 a.m. and continued throughout the day. These restrictions represent the latest changes by Elon Musk who purchased the social media company in October for $44 billion. After taking over, Musk restored many banned accounts and stripped verification badges from public figures and instead offered the blue check mark to anyone willing to purchase it for $8 USD per month.

Advertisers have been raising questions about how the company will make money amid all these chaotic changes. Musk, in May appointed Linda Yaccarino, formerly NBCUniversal’s chairman of global advertising and partnerships, as Twitter’s CEO.

These drastic changes have led users to switch to other similar social media platforms like Mastodon, Truth Social and Bluesky. Bluesky is owned by the former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. These social media platforms are experiencing record high traffic after Musk’s decision to impose limit on users.