Could Instagram’s Threads App be the Twitter Killer?

After the release of the Threads app on Wednesday 5 July 2023, it’s already surpassed 30 million sign-ups within a day. Could this app end up being the Twitter Killer? Threads was the top free app in Apple app store the next day this app was released and it secured a spot in the Top trends of Twitter this morning.

It seems, Threads could end up being a serious threat for the Twitter as it’s a strong start for the app. Twitter is already facing backlash after Elon Musk bought Twitter and recently introduced a temporary limit on the number of tweets that can be viewed by users per day.

What is Threads App?

The Threads app is quite similar to Twitter, a feed of text-based posts with the feature to upload pictures and videos. Here people can engage in real-time conversations. Message that could be posted to the Threads has a limit of 500 characters. Users can reply to, repost and quote others’ Threads posts. It also offers the feature to share the posts from Threads directly to the Instagram stories.

You can list your Threads account as public or private. Your verified Instagram account will appear verified on the Threads app automatically.

According to the Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, the vision for Threads is to create a friendly public space for conversation. The app experienced glitches as 30 million people joined it within just a day after its launch which is common when a new app launches and gets a lot of traffic in a short duration.

How to Join the Threads App?

You sign up to the Threads using your Instagram account and keep the same username, password and account name. You can edit the bio though to keep it different from that of your Instagram account if you prefer. Accounts you follow on Instagram can be imported to keep the set up quick and easy. Leaving the Threads app is not easy apparently. While you can temporarily deactivate your account but to leave, as per the privacy policy of the app, “your Threads profile can only be deleted by deleting your Instagram account”. Threads app may collect your data, such as location, contacts, search history, browsing history and contact info.

Threads app is available in 100 countries and in more than 30 languages via Apple’s iOS and Android, according to the company.

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Could Threads App be the Twitter killer?

Threads app has just launched with a strong start in hopes of giving Twitter a tough competition. A lot of Twitter users are looking to join other similar social media platforms since Elon Musk took it over and a lot of changes in the policies. Some uses have already switched to similar platforms like Truth Social. So, it seems the right time for a new similar app to go viral. As you can sign up to the Threads app via your Instagram account, Meta already has an active user base of more than 2 billion which is a huge plus for this app to takeover the Twitter having a user base of 250 million.

In a recent tweet the CEO of Twitter Linda Yaccarino has acknowledged the rival app calling the Twitter Irreplaceable. According to her Twitter community can never be duplicated. Meta’s existing scale and infrastructure is a big advantage. Whereas other newly launched similar social networks require users to join waitlists or require invitations to join them, joining Threads is remarkably easy comparatively.

But the challenge for the new social media platforms is not just gaining the new users but also to keep them engaged for long. So, Meta got to do a lot of work like preventing spam, harassment, conspiracy theories, false claims on threads. These issues have already caused a lot of stir on Twitter. And then Meta had laid off more than 20,000 workers starting last November, which included employees in the departments of user experience, well-being, policy and risk analytics. As the campaign season for the 2024 US Presidential election approaches, there is a probable incoming wave of misinformation.

A Good Opportunity for Meta

It’s a good opportunity for Zuckerberg to use it’s huge user base to make Threads app the Twitter Killer and best his rival Musk, with whom he has in recent weeks been making plans to engage in a cage fight. There is also an opportunity to generate revenue from the ads.

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