How to Add Social Media Icons in WordPress Without Plugin?

Add Social Media Icons in WordPress

Hi there. Welcome to another blog post. Today I am going to explain how you can add social media icons to your WordPress blog without using any plugin. Often you feel the need to show social media icons in your blog to redirect readers to your social media pages. You can do this easily without using any plugin or code.

Click the plus icon in the WordPress post editorAdd Social Media Icons - Click Plus Icon

Type Social Icons in the search box. Click the same in the search resultsAdd Social Media Icons - Social Icons

Click the Plus icon in the far right cornerAdd Social Media Icons - Add block

Search the social network you want to addAdd Social Media Icons - Select Icon

Click Browse all to see all 42 supported social networksAdd Social Media Icons - Search Icons

Once you have added the desired icons, click the individual icons and enter the URL where readers will be redirected after clicking these.Add Social Media Icons - Redirect URL


2 replies on “How to Add Social Media Icons in WordPress Without Plugin?

    1. You can write a little bit of HTML yourself for that. Something like <a href=”LINK_TO_YOUR_STRAVA” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener nofollow ugc”><img src=”STRAVA_ICON_URL” /></a>
      You can shoot an email to support[at]heateor[dot]com, if you want me to help you with the same.

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